The GLADIATOR project to reduce the price of high quality large area graphene began on 1st November 2013. GLADIATOR (Graphene Layers: Production, Characterization and Integration) will develop novel process control methods and scale up chemical vapour deposition reactors to enable larger sheets of graphene to be produced. For applications e.g. as transparent electrodes for OLED’s, the graphene will be doped to improve its performance and several sheets will be automatically overlapped to increase the functional area.

GLADIATOR will run for three and a half years, until April 2017 and the fifteen partners are expected to spend 12.4 million euros over this time. See the GLADIATOR website for more details.

Amanuensis co-wrote the 2nd stage proposal, are responsible for the ‘Dissemination, exploitation and IPR work package’, and are leading the project office.

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