Amanuensis offers better chances of funding for your European research project

After five years in business, we now have enough experience to assess our success rates without being too sensitive to the errors associated with estimate from small-number statistics. The good news is that we do indeed offer our clients significant added value (higher success rates) as well as convenience. As of June 2016, Amanuensis’ success rate for Eurostars proposals over the last 4 years is 57%, more than double the rate of 28% in Eurostars 2 call 6. Our success rate for FP7/H2020 and EMPIR proposals is 43% (including consultancy for SME instrument and FET open calls); for projects in which Amanuensis is a partner, the success rate is even higher. For comparison, the average success rate for the first 100 calls of H2020 was 14% according to EC statistics (20% for FP7), and has since dropped to 12%.